A Message From The Directors

The story of The Portrait film began in the summer of 2011, high up in the stunning Southern California mountains, where the poetic beauty of the landscape nourished creativity, as the first pages of the screenplay where composed in our fine art studio.

Nikolai Gogol's mystical and emotionally stirring 19th century short work of fiction The Portrait, with its expressive characters and creative plot, inspired us as fine artists to transform the story into a feature film.

The Portrait is a far-reaching beacon, urging people to live with utmost integrity and be loyal to one's true life calling. In addition, the story raises important questions about the role of visual art and fine artists in society, which seldom get introduced in cinematography.

Nikolai Gogol's short story The Portrait remains largely unknown and the power of film is an extraordinary way to connect audiences with this deeply meaningful work of Russian fiction.

The Portrait motion picture joins an international team of  filmmakers in the creation of a unique on screen storytelling experience, originating a new genre in film, "surrealistically mystical tragisatire".

Anastasia Elena Baranoff & Elena Vladimir Baranoff